How the Digital Twin will grows up in the Siemens tool chain

Discussions about Industry 4.0 and the Digital Twin - from product development through production to IoT-based tracking. Challenges of introducing a grown IT landscape? What challenges do you have as a user?

The Digital Twin is not just the virtual image of a product, but also of the associated production chain. In connection with the integration of IoT technologies, it can be understood as a translation of the keyword "Industry 4.0": lot-size 1 unique pieces are produced with the advantages of mass production. That's the visionary idea behind it.

We turn the visions into realizable implementation plans. These were our top topics:

  • The digital twin and its illustration in the Siemens tool chain
  • Active Workspace as a lightweight interface for Teamcenter
  • Professionalization of training in the PLM area

At the fair, Siemens presented its showcase based on the Teamcenter / NX tool chain - enhanced by the electric / electronics peripherals (Mentor) and the Mindsphere IoT platform. This gave an outlook on the understanding and mapping of the topic by Siemens: In addition to the digitization of sub-processes, a holistic approach is aimed at addressing people, organization, products and processes - with the goal of better productivity, shorter time-to-market and greater flexibility for industrial companies.

There are already several challenges to be seen: To what extent can the complete integration of the current acquisitions and extensions, such as the Mentor tool chain, succeed seamlessly in the existing Teamcenter platform? How can the tool chain be established in mature IT landscapes within companies? "Another crucial point is the data-based integration of suppliers into the Digital Twin. Only then can the full potential be exploited, "says Matthias Müller, PLM expert.

Also in our focus were the new developments in the field of Active Workspace as a user interface for the Teamcenter platform. Extensive feature enhancements have been introduced that allow more fully integrated business process mapping while still being lightweight and easy to use. The goal: A central application for quickly finding all required information within the product life cycle or sub-processes of the life cycle.

Ventum Consulting understands your technical requirements and translates them to the Active Workspace technology platform. We form the interface between you and the IT.

What can Digital Twin or Active Workspace do for you? And how does a possible introduction look like? Talk to our experts.