Process Management in times of digitisation

Digitisation of the Business Model and Digitisation of Business Processes go hand in hand: A business model can be completely illustrated by business processes. This often means that existing processes must be complemented by new processes to achieve that.

However, the Digitisation of Business Models and Digitisation of Business Processes take place separately from each other. The latter equals to supporting existing and new business processes with digital technologies. In contrast, the digitisation of the existing business model is about identifying potentials in the company, reviewing the use of the latest technologies to enable the company to develop new business areas.

The disciplines that are being used are especially Process Management and Enterprise Architecture Management.

Using BPM in your company establishes the basis for the Digitisation of your Business Processes. Thus the idea of continuous improvement of business procedures is being introduced. This involves support of innovative and digital technologies.
For digital business models, Process Management in your company serves as the basis to identify new potentials and business opportunities. In concrete terms, this means that Process Management provides the necessary transparency in your end-to-end business processes to optimally aim at the addressed customer needs. In addition, Enterprise Architecture Management focuses on the overall alignment of the enterprise architecture with the business processes and the tailor-made application landscape to support the processes.
Both disciplines enable you to change your company’s business processes through usage of digital technologies and therefore push the digitisation of your business model.

The number of companies making use of workflows for processes is greatly increasing.

Process Automation does not mean to design processes without any human participation. For us, automation means that processes take a strong supporting role. We speak about technological support when a process automatically takes the steering to transfer the right tasks to the right staff member at the right place at the right time. This aims to improve productivity, customer focus and ultimately the customer experience.
With our combined expertise in Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture Management we will help you to prepare your company for a digital future.