Earlier benefit. Higher flexibility. Better products. Agile frameworks and methods promise numerous advantages. To realize these potentials, suitable organizational and technical boundary conditions are required. Within this setting, teams find their own way, both, methodically and culturally. We consult and coach you individually from the implementation of agile approaches on team level to the agile orientation of complex organizations.


The mindset is crucial.

To develop agility means to understand agile values and principles, to embed them and to apply them. Additionally, it is important to create and refine a common vision. An inspiring vision that provides a greater purpose for the work of each individual. Agility also means allowing mistakes to happen, but also learning from these mistakes. It means to continually improve yourself. To establish agility means to welcome a fundamental change that can be perceived and observed on all levels of the organization. The start and course of this change are highly individual.

Our expertise

Agile organizations: New challenges for teams and management.

With increasing agile maturity, self-organized teams take on more responsibility. Thus, leadership and management duties change. Together with you and your employees we develop suited collaboration models. Together we develop the determining organizational parameters and let an agile mindset emerge. During the transformation, tensions and conflicts may arise; we will back you up.

„We support you during this change and form the link in your agile DNA!“

Ventum Agile Enablement Team

Practical. Interactive. Proven. We continuously improve our training and workshop formats, established in customer projects. The individual combination of special modules ensures a training concept that fits your needs. We not only emphasize delivering agile content, but also establishing an agile mindset in your company. This lays the foundation for your autonomous and sustainable agile transformation.

Our Agile Enablement Portfolio is characterized by three strands: Design & Assessment, Consulting & Coaching as well as Training & Enabling.

Together we design your agile organization and examine the company-specific conditions. We support you with setting up agile teams and accompany you during the agile transformation. In specific trainings we enable stakeholders & teams to optimize themselves.

You intend to use an agile approach in the future or you already follow "the agile way" and want to take better advantage of discovered potentials?

Based on agile principles and practices we jointly analyze your current organizational structures, processes and company culture. This is followed by a general recommendation for or against "agile".

We jointly develop guiding principles within which an agile mindset can arise effectively. As the next step, we derive specific measures within the teams for a successful introduction and continuous improvement. Hence, you are prepared to master the transition to an agile organization and untap identified potentials.

Agile organizational development

From employee to management level up to the CEO. Our experienced agile coaches consult you on all levels to ensure a successful implementation of agile approaches, also in scaled formats. For larger initiatives, we will form "agile transformation teams". To promote the change process in small but sustainable steps, we apply agile approaches ourselves. This way, we actively encourage the spreading of an agile mindset within your company.

Development and coaching of agile teams

Our certified Scrum Masters ensure that the potentials of Scrum and matching good practices can be fully unfolded. We always do this with the objective to maximize productivity and satisfaction of the team in mind, to ensure that obstacles are removed. The necessary boundary conditions are set. We facilitate the exchange between teams and promote an overall understanding of Scrum in the entire organization.

With our practice-oriented and interactive training formats we lay the foundation for your transition to an agile organization:

Scrum in a Nutshell
For all new members of the Scrum Team and stakeholders who want to master the basics of the framework.

Certified Scrum Product Owner
For all Product Owners, product managers, project managers, IT managers, Scrum Masters or other stakeholders, who are actively involved in agile product development.

Certified Scrum Master
For all Scrum Masters, project managers, team leaders, Scrum Team members, IT managers or other servant leaders in the making, who already apply Scrum within the organization or intend to introduce it in the near future.

Scrum Refresh, Reflect & Reload
For all experienced Scrum Teams who want to optimize their working method and collaboration.

Upon request, we arrange individual trainings and workshops based on your wishes and requirements.

Profit from our experience – for better products, enthusiastic customers and satisfied employees. We embed agile approaches and an agile mindset in your company. We thereby support you in different areas:

  • Conception of agile tenders and contracts
  • Organizational consulting and design of boundary conditions
  • Introduction of Scrum and Kanban in individual teams or in a scaled framework
  • Integration of tools all along the software development lifecycle
  • Setup and support of DevOps

Contact us to learn more about our references.

„Our most important tools are paper and pen.“

Our tools and our IT expertise

Common tools like JIRA and Confluence support you in your agile work. Our consultants configure and implement these tools individually tailored to your project.

With our software engineering experience, we can rely on proven methods along the software development lifecycle. From central version control, to continuous integration up to test automation. The focused application of these tools is crucial und ensures the success of agile approaches in the long run. Tools and methods are therefore essential, but our agile experience has also shown - especially at the beginning, that agile values and practices are best introduced and transmitted "by hand", with paper and pen.

Establishing agile methods and processes means change on a team and organizational level. To ensure the long-term advantages of agile approaches and to avoid returning to old patterns, sustainable change management is necessary.

Agility demonstrates advantages, especially in complex environments with unknown requirements and high risks during implementation. With known requirements and manageable implementation risk, an efficient project management demonstrates its strengths.

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