In the scope of data migration projects, a large variety of special features must be taken into consideration. Starting with various source and target systems, migration often involves data cleansing or merging master data (e.g. heterogeneous customer data from different sources into one target system). The entire project is subjected to a number of special conditions. Our migration experts have both technical and business know-how and a practice-proven methodology to successfully support complex projects from project management to migration development and go-live implementation.


Data migration projects are frequently underestimated.

The main aspects of a data migraton are the entire movement of the source data to the target and the assurance of data quality in the target system. Manual re-work, e.g. from call centre operators, is time-consuming and at the same time reduces capacities for daily business. Complex requirements such as merging master data need precisely defined business rules, tests and analyses of the results. In addition to various business requirements, the migration team also has to meet technical requirements. The migration process at the go-live date usually has a reserved time window as part of the overall changeover, i.e. performance issues must also be taken into account all times.

Ventum has an experienced migration team that has successfully completed several highly complex migration projects.

Our expertise

Successful data migration through best practice.

In the scope of a system conversion, a number of problems occur regarding the migration of existing data. Our approach helps in answering numerous questions such as:

  • Should or can the migration be carried out in a single step? If not, on which criteria is the data divided into several migration steps?
  • Which data should be transferred or can be used by the target system?
  • Which source system is responsible for which part of the data?
  • According to which rules are data from several source systems synchronized and consolidated?
  • How are the values of the source systems mapped to the target system, for example customer status or customer segment?
  • How are data that does not meet the requirements of the target system cleaned up or modified?
  • VIs a migration of existing data sufficient or do ""pending"" datasets that are currently being processed also have to be migrated?

Our well-tested approach for all types of migration projects allows a targeted approach from project start via go-live to the end of the hypercare phase. We take into consideration the data quality, traceability and auditability during the entire migration (reconciliation) as well as complex challenges such as pending data (e.g. open orders).

A project example - Telecommunication

In the scope of a major system migration, existing order management systems and connected subsystems have been moved to a comprehensive operational CRM system (> 20 source databases). In addition, a large number of interfaces were converted to CRM and data from the former systems was processed as required.

Same customer data records with different spellings as well as errors in the delivery addresses were cleaned up and merged from the sources using complex business rules. The migration was divided into several steps and repeated cyclically, while the business scope was constantly expanded. Regression tests and recurring analyses of new source data enabled an extraordinarily high quality in the final migration to go-live - 99.99% migration success, complex re-work was reduced to an absolute minimum.

Facts and figures:

  • 1.2 million active customers
  • 3 million products
  • 1.6 million address data records
  • 6000 Orders migrated in pending state
  • 3.2 million servicability data sets
  • 400,000 telephone numbers
  • 400,000 Telephone book information
  • 1 million customer tickets

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