The Data Vault methodology enables an agile approach to the development of a DWH. The parallelization of loading processes, the simple extensibility of the data model and the complete traceability of the data flow through the DWH are just a few of the many advantages. We rely on the Data Vault methodology as a component of our DWH projects - with success.


Data Vault makes your DWH sustainable for the future thanks to its high flexibility and extensibility.

Agility, flexibility and automation are characteristics of efficient organizations. An ever-increasing amount of data is available to departments and can be used efficiently for business operations. Due to the provision of new key figures or the connection of additional data sources, Business Intelligence teams have to cope with increasingly complex tasks. While agile process models and continual integration and deployment have been common practice in software development for a long time, they are still in the early stages of development in the area of data warehousing.

In recent years, the data vault methodology has been established as a new concept for modeling data warehouse solutions. Regardless of whether an existing data warehouse is being replaced or a new one is being built up: With the data vault methodology and an agile approach, first successes in the project will become visible quickly. Continual extensions of the solution to the functional breadth are possible without any detours and in a much shorter time. The acceptance of the solution by the business is increased.

Our expertise

We accompany data warehouse and data management projects in all phases - from conception, development to go-live.

Successful data and data warehouse projects require sound expertise and an efficient approach. As certified data vault developers and as experienced project managers and scrum masters, we support you in the implementation of your data warehouse project.

From our practical experience in using the Data Vault methodology, the following points are crucial for our clients:

  • Short development cycles and fast paced deployment of new reporting features
  • Agile approach strengthens coordination and cooperation with the clients
  • Flexible architecture reduces additional effort in the maintenance of the solution
  • Use of open standards ensures investment security
  • Complete data traceability down to the presentation layer (compliance)
  • Automatic historization of data, partly or completely

Project example - Hidden champion manufacturing.

Due to performance and maintainability problems, our client had to replace his existing reporting system with an expandable, sustainable solution. In order to enable analyses for corporate management across departments, more than ten heterogeneous source systems from six countries were connected to the new enterprise data warehouse.

By using the Datavault methodology and an agile approach, the first evaluations with Qlikview could be delivered to the departments within 3 weeks after the start of development. In a second project phase, other departments, such as financial data, were fully integrated into the DWH and made available to users via Qlikview applications.


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