Both large and small enterprises are faced with the challenge of providing processes and procedures that are tailored to their customers' needs, while also offering an exceptional customer journey in a competitive environment. This problem also affected one of the largest companies in Germany, who was dealing with passenger and goods traffic. Applying our expertise, our tested and proven approach and the required methods and tools, we were able to help our customer obtain tangible added value in their day-to-day business. Read for yourself:

Some facts about the project and the delivered added value:

  • Consistent alignment of the tender & sales process based on the customer's requirements
  • Digitization & automation of the affected processes
  • Increasing the effectiveness & efficiency during the tendering process
  • Determination & measurement of process throughput times

How can customers be provided with economic and competitive offers in real time?

Our customer is a wholly owned subsidiary of an internationally renowned mobility and logistics service provider. The parent company operates in over 130 countries worldwide and focuses primarily on the transport of passengers and goods by railway and bus. Our customer employs over 6000 people throughout Germany and is responsible for the sales channels and infrastructure throughout the company. With a share of around percent, online and mobile phone tickets have become the most important sales channel. During the digitalization phase, digital ticket sales steadily increased.The existing process structure was rigid and not designed to meet these requirements and as a result, process runtimes were difficult to predict. Therefore, it was necessary to digitalize and realign the processes and structures. Subsequently, the company will be able to optimally to the changing needs and requests of customers.


Consistent reorientation of the tender process to meet customer needs and corporate interests.

A proven project approach involving all stakeholders was the premise for the success of this project. First of all, the status of the tender process was established through various interviews and workshops with executives. This process included the complete analysis, evaluation and mapping of the processes, as well as the identification of process-related weaknesses. Finally, the process responsibilities were clarified and the actual runtimes were examined for optimization potential.

From current to future state.

The result was clear: the tender process and the associated sub-processes had to be optimized and digitally integrated. In addition, fundamental responsibilities, cooperation models and decision-making structures within the process had to be significantly improved. Therefore, an extensive target process conceptualization and implementation was required.

For the preparation of the target process, we carried out various workshops, based on the so-called pull principle, with representatitves from all over Germany. Significant interface partners, such as DB Regio GmbH, were integrated to optimally incorporate the customer's needs and thus also the corresponding interfaces. The creation of the target status also required management to be systematically and structurally involved in the development of the new process, the sub-processes and the respective governance.

Together with our partner, TIM Solutions, we successfully established and implemented the defined processess within the company. This was done based on an automation and digitalization strategy.

Customer Value

Creation of a more predictable, effective and efficient tendering process.

Through the implementation, we were able to create transparency between customer expectations and internal company process requirements. We were also able to identify process weaknesses and consolidate fields of action. In addition, we were able to uncover process-related optimization potentials and develop a concept with measures to eliminate process weaknesses. These measures were achieved by the successful implementation of digital process tools and methods.

„Ventum Consulting convinced us as a competent partner for the analysis and optimization of internal processes and structures in the sales department.“

Customer in the Mobility & logistics sector

In accordance with our principles, we worked to exceed our customer's expectations and aligned the offering process to their needs and entrepreneurial interests. The digitalization of processes and thus the integration of processes through digital technologies and methods within the organization, is what ultimately lead to noticeable added value in the offer and sales process.


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