Conventional EAM: transparency, long-term target architecture, realistic planning. Today it is essential to combine EAM with agile best practices. We focus on products and services, user stories and DevOps. EAM is essential if you want to keep up with the dynamic requirements of today’s economy and manage your legacy architecture simultaneously. With EAM, we ensure the seamless integration of your processes, information and application landscape, as well as IT infrastructure, and your business & IT strategy.


A future-proof architecture is key if you want to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors in the age of digitalization.

New competitors. New business models. Innovative technologies. Tomorrow’s benefits are achieved by proactively shaping the digital transformation today for business and IT. Time is running out to answer the essential questions: how can new technologies be used to enable my business? Is the current application landscape able to support the strategic realignment of my corporation? What weaknesses need to be addressed to deliver the best possible support for my processes and services? How do we create a cost-efficient and flexible IT architecture? Face the challenges. Start now.

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Cooperative – Connected – Sophisticated: From strategy to delivery.

Bureaucratic? Slow? The contrary is true for our target-oriented EAM approach. Have you already tried to introduce EAM? Solely based on a theoretical basis? With a practical business transformation project, you can start delivering value early on and get the crucial buy-in from stakeholders. Get involved.

When introducing EAM, we focus on the integration with existing process and organizational structures. A profound communication approach is key at this point. A focused pilot project delivers target architectures and roadmaps within the first few weeks. We apply practical methods, which are customized to your specific needs. Start introducing EAM now and achieve initial results like our automotive customers.

The number of applications is constantly rising. Business models are evolving, and new challenges require innovative solutions. Complexity is rapidly rising, transparency isn’t. Staying on top of things becomes almost impossible. Applications are not aligned with business requirements. Maintenance is difficult and costly – deactivation of those applications is often associated with high expenditures.

Establishing transparency, increasing business process efficiency and IT landscape homogenization. These are your goals and thus our goals as well. Our individually customized EAM framework merges your Business and IT. Easy to understand. Targeted. Value oriented. We address your challenges across all architecture layers. We define guidelines, develop target architectures, the detailed transformation steps and bring all relevant stakeholders together. A common understanding and sustainable decisions are the results. Get in contact with our experienced EAM experts and learn more about our approach.

Agile processes have become an integral part of most organizations. At the same time, this assumes a cultural change. The product delivery to the customer is not only faster but also highly autonomous. This is the case within teams, corporate programs and across the whole organization.

A missing systemic EAM approach often results in isolated solutions. Establish a practice that helps you to shape the vision early on in the planning process without losing the necessary degree of freedom in the implementation phase. Is your goal to support agile projects using an efficient architecture management approach? Benefit from our experienced and proven EAM methodology and creative ideas. We offer a practical approach for your project and program portfolio. To deliver sustainable value in the agile world we bring different stakeholders together.

These are topics that can enable your business and need to be addressed. How can you ensure a homogenous IT landscape when autonomous DevOps teams choose their IT-solutions separately? How can you guarantee governance of the increasing number of microservices? When do you use a cloud-based service and how do you integrate it into your in-house IT?

EAM provides the tools necessary to meet these new challenges. Domain-drive-design. Continuous Delivery. Service-Discovery. We provide the guidelines and evaluation criteria to assist you in your decision-making process. This approach helps you to introduce new enablers in a structured and value-generating way. Do you want to know how a microservice-oriented architecture helped digitalize the sales channels of an Automotive OEM? Click here.

You will only be able to fully benefit from the Enterprise Architecture Management approach if you customize it to your organization. All our activities are focused on you and your goals. To provide the best possible support, we work together with our experts from Business Intelligence, Product Lifecycle Management and Agile Enablement.



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