Vastly increasing automation and compliance of the user lifecycle within a short timeframe and on a tight budget? This plan requires a flexible tool and a highly competent integrator. A large German media holding company tackled this challenge and hit the target by relying on SailPoint IdentityIQ and Ventum Consulting.

  • Reduced workload for the service desk department through IIQ end-user self-service and approval processes
  • Increased compliance levels using in-tool certification processes
  • Automation of user lifecycle processes (joiner, mover, leaver)
  • Improved reliability and traceability of user account and entitlement management in over a dozen target system types

Heterogeneous processes and a lot of manual work: This user lifecycle needs improvement.

A large German media holding company comprising of multiple dozens of subsidiaries - among them one of the largest German newspapers – faced increased cost pressure and compliance requirements. It was time to act; creating, maintaining and the deprovisioning of user accounts was currently beind done manually and controlled via task tracking tools. This drove up the workload for the central service desk department and limited audits due to a lack of traceability.


IdentityIQ as a new IAM platform: Higher connectivity, centralized processes, self-service rolled out.

Ventum Consulting successfully integrated SailPoint IdentityIQ and thus solved the customer's main challenges and provided a stable platform for further optimization:

  • Automation of the user lifecycle processes (joiner, mover, leaver), including provisioning actions using the tool's flexible workflow engine
  • Implementation of an end-user self-service and a unified multi-stage approval process within IIQ
  • Integration of an event-based certification into the user lifecycle
  • Integration of SAP HCM as the authoritative system for identities
  • Integration of several dozen target system types (read and write - automated provisioning and aggregation - including AD/Exchange, SAP, Asset Management Systems)
  • Integration of a ticketing system for the remaining manual provisioning
  • Bundling of entitlements into roles to increase standardization and traceability for authorization processes
Customer Value

Automation and Compliance: Less pressure for the service desk and authorizations under control.

Employing SailPoint IdentityIQ as the central platform for automization and system connectivity, we sustainably reduced the workload for service desk employees. The implementation of tailored and unified self-service and approval processes fostered end-user acceptance of the new solution. Increased reliability and traceability of provisioning and certification of authorizations and accounts allowed the client to better comply with regulations.


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