To be able to produce and sell vehicles for a foreign OEM in China, China's law requires a joint venture with a national car manufacturer to be established. In order to meet these requirements, a complete process and IT landscape for vehicle development within the joint venture had to be set up. To achieve the goal, a project organization with experts in Germany and in China was set up.

Key requirements for the project's success:

  • Mirrored project structures and clear responsibilities across company boundaries, organized in a team
  • Integrated project management processes & tools, e.g. reporting, communication, budget planning and control
  • Transnational planning of requirements and acceptance of artifacts
  • Development of project management know-how through intensive coaching of the Chinese and German project managers

Development of the process and IT landscape for vehicle development in China. Over 150 project participants in Germany and China, over 100 applications, 3 companies, 2 countries and 1 PMO.

In order to build this new company with independent processes and structures, a country-specific adaptation of already proven and established processes, methods and tools was required. These had to be compatible with the founding companies and the new corporate identity. The project was characterized by the many technically heterogeneous subprojects, asynchronous release cycles and intercultural differences


Combination of goal-oriented and field-tested project management with an understanding of technical IT building requirements and processes.

Firstly, proven project processes were adapted to the specific challenges of the two companies. Through intensive coaching and sparring of the Chinese and German project managers, the integrated processes were actively implemented and could be continuously improved. Close proximity and close cooperation between the project managers and Ventum enabled a self-understanding of the project organization as "one team" and created a genuine bond of trust with one another. Finally, the desired results were achieved and the risks became transparent, enabling a solid foundation for the overall project reporting to the clients of both countries.

Customer Value

A joint plan. An integrated process landscape. A powerful team.

With our support, we created structure and transparency within the local projects and respective joint venture partners. The establishment of the required communication channels contributed to the increased work efficiency and quality of the project results. Within three years, an independent IT organization was set up and qualified in China and since then has also successfully passed the statutory audits.


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