The Customer Journey of Tomorrow: End-to-end. Personalized. An inspiring experience across all touchpoints and devices. The customer discovers their desired product visiting a shop. While sitting on the couch, they immerse into the product world using augmented reality technologies. Negotiation and sales closure are done both online and offline – as needed. The post-purchase experience is distinguished by individual and personalized recommendations. What makes your shopping experience a fascinating journey?



An individual product and brand experience combined with the seamless integration of online and offline channels.

Interest. Contact. Sales. Years of success and experience in the brick-and-mortar business are no longer enough. The result: sales stagnate - customers stay away. Many see online sales as an opportunity. However, current digital commerce landscapes often do not meet the current demands of customers. How do you create a unique shopping experience in the online world for your customers? Do you know the individual needs of your customers? How do you visualize your products across all devices? What approach do you use to build loyalty in the long term? Take the Digital Customer Experience to the next level. Offer the customer the holistic and individual brand experience they expect.


Our expertise

Fully integrated and comprehensive processes are at the core of Omni-Channel Commerce.

Which steps do you need to take to realize the digital journey of your customers? Based on your business strategy, we derive the necessary steps using individual customer journeys. A key aspect is the integration of these features with enterprise back-end and customer front-end across all channels and throughout the whole customer lifecycle.

Digital Customer Experience: Individual and personalized customer journeys integrated with the relevant backend-functionalities are key to success of an omni-channel commerce solution.

Inspire the customer for the product. They want to get familiar with it and get the opportunity to discover their own needs - in a few simple steps. Take your customers by the hand. Guide them and give them the right entry level into different dimensions of the provided content.

A consistent appearance and a marketing-oriented approach must be guaranteed. This applies to all touchpoints - stationary, social media, campaigns, websites. Also for various end-devices - notebook, tablet, smart phone, Augmented & Virtual Reality. Search Engine Optimization makes your customers aware of your content. Responsive web design makes your web pages respond to the requirements of various devices.

Functionality, prices, delivery times, payment methods and financing options - everything must be just right. Gather information, compare products. Maximum individuality is required. The customer wants to customize the product according to their needs. And what about the timing of the sales closure? It can happen anytime. A selected item is simply added to the shopping cart or to a wish list. This is the perfect opportunity to offer cross or upselling recommendations to your customers.

Master data management as a key to success. Your product master data must be harmonized and available in a marketing-oriented matter within the back-end. This includes processed images, up-to-date prices and detailed technical product data.

Customers want to shop online and offline. They also want the possibility of personal contact at anytime. Omni-channel Commerce. This includes chatting to customers to clarify simple questions but also negotiations in the virtual sales room. Digital features, such as document upload or e-signature are mandatory.

A common shortcoming: The lack of personalization in the sales process. Whether entering a store or visiting the website - how do you meet the needs of your customers? You must ensure that customer data is centrally consolidated and available across all channels. The advantage? Not only can you retrieve information at any time, but by using Data Analytics, you also obtain deeper insights into your customer’s behavior, giving you the possibility to provide customized offers.

How do you realize the different variants of product distribution? Click & Collect or Reserve & Collect. Enable a smooth delivery of your product according to the individual needs of your customers. This is the best way to ensure long-term customer loyalty. It also requires optimum interaction between your logistics systems. This simplifies the complex coordination of goods movements between central warehouse, store and customer. By introducing order tracking features, you also increase the customer's anticipation of the arrival of the products.

Security in the payment process as well as transparency during the delivery phase play a big role for the customer. The cooperation with reliable partners and their integration into internal processes is therefore crucial.

Make a customer, not a sale. A long-term customer relationship is more than just a greeting card. Attention, appreciation and positive experiences ensure that your customers stay loyal. Contact your customers directly and use newsletters, discounts or invitations to events. A self-service portal compliments your offerings and provides high-quality information. Simple, up-to-date and relevant information is the decisive factor at this point.

The dynamic online business is further characterized by the elimination of regular opening hours. Direct responses to customer requests are expected after closing time as well. The "round-the-clock" service is enabled by trained and online-savvy employees as well as professional call center partners.

Digital Customer Experience: Our services in a nutshell.

An outstanding product and brand experience for the customer requires perfect integration of business and IT.

  • We align your business and IT strategy with the digital needs of your customers
  • Based on selected criteria we develop individual customer journeys
  • We design digital features considering modern architectures, e.g. Microservices and cloud computing
  • We enable data-based sales steering and solve information security challenges



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